What food trends will emerge in 2023?

Expect a new wave of plant-based, sweet and savory pasta, canned fish, naturally sweet dates, and more. A fancy way of saying “regular cannabis-infused food”, mood food has been gaining popularity on social media for some time. In an attempt to stay ahead of the curve, Whole Foods releases a trend forecast every year, and it's always worth checking out. Plant-based foods and unique ingredients are helping to drive the trend, as innovative applications, such as mushroom, algae and jackfruit products, are on the rise.

But there are also possible culinary trends in the field of cocktail making; alcohol-free cocktails seem to be gaining ground alongside foods with THC. The panel, comprised of culinary professionals from various segments of the industry, investigates numerous specialty food products and companies to predict key emerging trends for the coming year. Examples of this trend in action were found at the SFA's annual Summer Fancy Food Show, where companies such as Bella San Luci offered salsa starters to help consumers create restaurant-quality meals at home. It's important to clarify that these trends aren't just what Whole Foods believes will sell best in their own stores.

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