What new food is trending?

Although the superfood craze dates back to the early 80s, it wasn't until the 2000s that it really exploded among people concerned about health. This movement is constantly evolving and new superfoods are likely to be added every year. There you have it: 10 of the most popular trends you can benefit from right now and five next to consider. A ghost kitchen is a restaurant kitchen configured to cook and prepare food for home delivery only, meaning you can't come in and sit down and you can't pick it up either.

Wendy's will open 700 more such kitchens over the next five years, while Euromoniter, a market research firm, suggests that the industry could reach an enormous value of trillions of dollars (yes, with a t) in the next decade. Yelp even has a feature to help you discover new ghost kitchens in your area, called Virtual Kitchens. We've already seen Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat infiltrate the menus of fast-food chains, and maybe you've even seen them at your favorite local hamburger joint. Some gastronomic trends begin among people and spread virally, such as the numerous TikTok recipes that have spread all over the world in recent years, while in other cases a brand selects a certain product, a type of drink or even a specific flavor that it wants to promote and then does so aggressively.

But, of course, the X factor of any food trend is the way people respond to flavors and textures new to them. According to Fernando Soberanis, executive chef of Laurel Brasserie & Bar in Salt Lake City, Utah, through Food and Wine, non-alcoholic cocktails, which were once known lightly as alcohol-free cocktails, are very popular today, and that trend is only growing and taking hold. However, many of you also took a serious stance in favor of racial and social equality and joined the fight for food sovereignty for marginalized bipoc communities who are claiming and owning their food systems. As rapid population growth puts a strain on natural resources and food supplies, the days of food waste are over.

As awareness grows about the benefits of maintaining a healthy gut, it is to be expected that foods based on a gut-friendly mentality (pickles, fermented foods, prebiotics and probiotics) will become increasingly popular with customers, as will plant-based foods. A fancy way of saying “regular cannabis-infused food”, mood food has been gaining popularity on social media for some time. But there are also possible culinary trends in the field of cocktail making; alcohol-free cocktails seem to be gaining ground alongside foods with THC. In the culinary world, the ways in which new gastronomic trends emerge are very similar to those in the world of fashion.

While the formal federal regulations on THC in foods and beverages are not finite, that hasn't stopped food companies from adding it to products or chefs and bakers from experimenting with different types of buds on their plates. That's why we'll also look at three essential questions you should ask yourself to determine if it's worth adding a current food trend.

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