What are the 5 common styles of service used in different food service establishments?

Knowing the characteristics of the main types of service styles can help you choose the right style for your restaurant, fast food or quick-service business. Understanding these 5 different types of food and beverage services and their benefits and challenges will help you decide which one to use for your restaurant. This is another form of waiter service in which each waiter takes care of a table or group of tables with 10-12 guests. The dishes are usually communal and shared.

Like self-service, this type of service requires diners to order and pay for their orders at the counter, but waiters serve food when it's ready. Some establishments also combine two types of service in their restaurant. Some companies have a buffet service, but they also offer a waiter service for guests who choose between an à la carte menu. Have you already decided how you are going to set up your food service? The choice between service types is up to you, but make sure that it also fits the needs of your target market.

The most common types of restaurant service styles that exist are the same ones that have been used for the past hundred years. There are many different types of food and beverage services or procedures, but the primary category of food service is dish service, cart service, dish service, buffet service, and family-style service. Below is the list of the different types of food and beverage service, followed by hotels, resorts, restaurants, fast food establishments, etc. It is called a special service because it provides food and beverages in places that are not intended for serving beverages by 26%.

In addition, it can reduce food losses and waste and facilitate the calculation of portions, food costs and general kitchen management. The food is stored at a counter or in a buffet, where guests choose and pick up the food they need.

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