What are the most recent trends and changes in the food market?

The trends that are gaining popularity are the abandonment of energy sources based on fossil fuels, the reduction of water consumption, sustainable packaging (recyclable, biodegradable or options that significantly reduce the use of plastic) and clean and environmentally friendly cleaning and detergent solutions for final products and equipment. In fact, the average annual growth of beverage launches with plant-based foods (26%) increased by 36% compared to last year. Right now, less than 1 in 5 global consumers are looking for plant-based alternatives because they perceive that the taste is better. This represents an enormous opportunity for brands that choose to partner with ingredient companies that offer flavor solutions specifically formulated for use in plant-based applications.

This list will cover the 9 most important trends affecting the food and beverage industry right now. Yogurt, cheese, sauerkraut and wine are examples of fermented foods, but the trend goes far beyond these basic foods. Food manufacturers face many options to develop their engineering, food safety and product development. The Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT) and JobsOhio recently commissioned a business intelligence group, TEconomy Partners, to conduct a study on the current and future state of the food industry.

As more managers realize the benefits of blockchain in the food industry, all members of the food supply chain will take advantage of this technology. Food manufacturers can ride this wave by adding exotic flavors and ingredients to well-known products and using global trends to influence local products. Food e-commerce is the business of selling food and beverage products in an online store instead of (or in addition) a physical store. Since the growing demand for e-commerce for food creates new business opportunities, it also lends itself to changing trends over time.

Food manufacturers and their food scientists will be challenged to innovate to meet consumer demand for healthier and tastier products. In addition, technologies such as blockchain will continue to gain popularity as more food companies join this trend. For more content related to Exploding Topics, check out 5 major snack trends and 25 trending food technology startups. According to market research firms Nielsen and Spins, as stated on the Good Food Institute website, the current market value of plant-based foods is worth a staggering $4.1 billion.

The majority of Americans (94%) say that food labels on the front of the package (FOP) influence their food purchasing decisions, with nutrition facts and specific FOP labels on ingredients being considered the most.

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